AKS GRUP Construction stepped into the construction industry by building project and villa constructions for foreigners in Bodrum since 2006. We started our first project in Trabzon in 2008 and we successfully completed and delivered İnci Houses, Yomra Mercan Houses, Yakut Houses, Elmas Park Center, Gold Houses projects. Now we have been simultaneously executing 7 projects namely 1001 Pırlanta Vadisi, Yomra Safir Konutları, Aquamarine Konutları, Aquamarine Platinium Konutları, Yalıncak Villa, Arsin Altınkent and Sürmene City.

AKS GROUP CONSTRUCTION feels proud of bringing living areas above standards to our valuable customers through the principles of “Living humanely, succeeding together, being wise, fair, ambitious and virtuous” in our projects which we initiated with the strength and self-confidence that we obtained from our successful works in the construction industry in which we have been involved since 2006.

AKS GROUP operates in 5 fields namely AKS Construction Market, Sandal Hotel, Aksoylar Tavukçuluk, Em-ma Lojistik and Kebapçım Restaurant and it has adopted the philosophy of “Human First” its guide in every industry it operates in.

With our project concept that we aim to change standards, AKS GROUP Construction aims to realize life projects in several fields. Therefore, working with a different mission that increases life quality and facilitates buying a house at an affordable price, AKS GRUP İNŞAAT says: “WE WROTE THAT STORY BE A HERO OF THİS STORY.”